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Check our great service offering portfolio and contact us today for all your IT service needs!

  • IT Advisory Services

  • IT Consulting

  • Digital Marketing

  • Business Services

  • IT Staffing

This service area focuses on helping your small to medium business develop a futuristic technology strategy, reevaluate your current and future business objectives, reassess current and future IT needs and develop a short and long term IT strategy using the latest proven industry solutions, all while reducing your overall IT costs.

This service area is focused on developing cost effective technology solutions with the industry’s best of breed technologies to improve workforce productivity and boost business potential.  We will develop solutions that align to your business objective and recommend technologies that maximize your return on investment (ROI).  For existing technology improvement, we will analyze your current technology implementation and develop a futuristic solution to meet your business needs, while lowering overall IT expense.

This service area provides digital advertising services using our flagship product “Instant Savings Discount or ISD.”  ISD delivers your coupons, discounts and deals digitally to potential customers via our www.isdbuzz.com web site.  ISD is a subscription based service that allows you to reach more customers, 24/7, while lowering your marketing costs.

This area provides the following services to jump start or improve your business:

  • Mobile-friendly website design and development
  • Email marketing
  • Merchant services
  • Staffing

Even if you already have the above services from other providers, we will work with you to find out where you can lower your costs.


This service area provides qualified IT professional for your business needs. Whether you looking for part-time or full time contractors or employee, we are ready help. We can provide qualified IT consultants to meet your business needs from our qualified network of resources.
Both Hiring Managers and Job Seekers equally benefit from IGTS staffing as we offer a wide range of capabilities. We ensure win-win match, confidentiality, and professionals with high standards in the IT industry.
Hire Managers: Please contact [email protected]
Job Seekers: Please contact [email protected]